Tactile Analytics Announces Partnership to Support EQM Tactile AR/VR Technology Index

As virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have developed, a number of new companies have emerged to offer insight and analysis on this growing industry. One of these companies is Tactile Analytics, which has now announced that it is aiding in constructing and maintaining the new EQM Tactile AR/VR Virtual Technology Index (ARVRIDX).

Tactile Analytics specialises in providing research and analysis for the technology industry, focussed around the areas of AR and VR. The company has stated its belief that the VR and AR industries are on a tipping point for mainstream adoption of the technology.

Tactile Analytics will be applying a quantitative screening methodology that will add to the existing Tactile Analytics database of global companies that are expected to benefit from the rising adoption of VR and AR technologies.

“With the increasing proliferation of AR and VR technology, we expect many markets and industries to be disrupted, creating substantial economic opportunity,” Mark Swaringen, Tactile Analytics Co-Founder, said. “Those companies that are investing in AR/VR, such as Facebook with Oculus, HTC with Vive, and start-ups like Magic Leap, stand to benefit from the wave of change ahead. We expect such technologies to fundamentally change the way society interacts with the digital universe, forever changing fields such as healthcare, engineering, and education.”

The company is working with EQM Indexes on this venture, a company which is dedicated to creating and supporting indexes that track growth industries and identifies emerging investment opportunities. EQM Indexes was co-founded by Jane Edmondson, a former Institutional Portfolio Manager. The company works with other index firms to provide benchmarks for Exchange Traded Products.

Like many other experts and analysts, Tactile Analytics and EQM Indexes is confident in the strength of the VR and AR market to grow. Some analysts are predicting that the market could grow to over $200 billion (USD) by 2020.

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