Spectra7 DreamWeVR Chips Support VirtualLink Standard

Last week it was announced by a consortium of leading virtual reality (VR) companies that a new standard called VirtualLink that will allow next-generation VR headsets to connect to a PC with a single high-bandwidth USB type-C cable. Semiconductor company Spectra7 have now announced that its active cable technology is ready to support the new standard.

Spectra7 - DreamWeVR - Type-CThe Spectra7 DreamWeVR chips are being embedded in USB Type-C cables, which allows the copper conductors to be reduced, meaning the cable can be as small in weight and diameter as a headphone cable, while still maintaining the capability to transmit high-speed video and data.

The Spectra 7 DreamWeVR chips are purpose-built for VR and mixed reality (MR) applications, and offer performance with low power consumption and a small footprint that allows them to be embedded in wearable cables.

The DreamWeVR product line includes:

  • VR8300 – DisplayPort HBR3 Embedded Cable Processor – Delivers DisplayPort bandwidth of up to 32.4Gbps at 5K resolution for 15 million pixel cinema-grade video.
  • VR8200 – DisplayPort HBR2 Embedded Cable Processor – Delivers DisplayPort bandwidth of up to 21.6Gbps at 4K resolution.
  • VR8051 – USB 3.2 Gen 2 Embedded Cable Processor – Delivers up to 10Gbps of sensor/camera data for positional tracking and gesture recognition.
  • VR8050 – USB 3.2 Gen 1 Embedded Cable Processor – Delivers up to 5Gbps of sensor/camera data for positional tracking, and gesture recognition.

Spectra7 - DreamWeVR - Type-C“We are extremely pleased that our products already meet the requirements of the new interface standard,” said Spectra7 CEO Raouf Halim. “We believe our technology will continue to be the preferred solution for VR products utilizing the new interface standard and we look forward to working with market-leading manufacturers seeking to incorporate our chips into cables supporting the new standard.”

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