Smithsonian American Art Museum Exhibition Comes to VR

Sansar and Intel team with Smithsonian to present No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man exhibition in VR.

Virtual reality (VR) is beginning to become a popular way for museums and art galleries to bring its exhibits to people who might not otherwise get the opportunity to visit and enjoy the exhibition in person. The Smithsonian American Art Museum (SAAM) now joins the likes of the Salvador Dali Museum and The British Museum in offering a VR exhibition, with its new offering, ‘No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man’.

The SAAM exhibition is being made available to users of the VR social platform Sansar, and is being powered by Intel technology as part of a recently announced partnership.

SAAM say that the partnership will help it achieve the goal of the Smithsonian, to expand the reach of the Institution’s collections to a billion people in five years. This will involve making the museum’s objects and collections available to the public in a variety of ways, including immersive mediums such as VR.

“Intel empowers the creator to take their work to the next level. Technology has the potential to achieve new goals and ambitions for museums and galleries. Immersive technologies, like virtual reality, unlock new and exciting ways to experience art and exhibits. Fans can now check out “No Spectators” from their own home. Without Intel’s high-performance processors, these experiences would not be possible.” said Raj Puran, director of immersive technology business development at Intel Corporation.

The first release of this partnership features the large-scale artworks assembled for the exhibition titled ‘No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man’ which is on display for a limited time at the SAAM Renwick Gallery. The exhibition is designed to capture the spirit of creativity and community associated with Burning Man.

Intel provided the technology that allowed for the exhibition to be captured using laser scanning and photogrammetry, before making the VR images available through the Sansar social VR platform. Further information on No Spectators along with the full VR experience can be found on the Sansar website.

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