See Koliseum Soccer VR In Action Thanks To New POV Video

Virtual reality (VR) tabletop soccer title Koliseum Soccer VR have released a new video that gives viewers the chance to experience what playing the title is like. This new gameplay trailer is filmed from the point-of-view of a player and is the most immersive way to experience the action, next to playing the title for yourself.

Koliseum Soccer - Screenshot

For those unfamiliar with Koliseum Soccer VR, the title allows players to experience tabletop soccer like never before in an out-of-home entertainment experience using a physical setup. Besides offering a large amount of nostalgia to the days of tabletop soccer being everywhere, the experience is also a way for those who missed out on it or want to return to it, to be able to do so with a fresh modern twist on it.

The video released on Facebook, which you can view below, showcases a match of the title along with detailing some of the titles features. This includes the choice of stadium and teams, player dribbles and tricks, bonuses and surprises including multi-ball; goal shields, spring-balls and so much more that each match will be unique and enjoyable. There is even mentioned of a Steam VR released teased at the end of the video offering players a chance to practice their skills before taking to locations to enjoy the real thing.

Koliseum Soccer VR Public Demo 01

Recently developer Kynoa teased a new update that would overhaul the graphics of the title and improve the robot players. “Our players, huge metallic robots that have some interesting advantages over flesh & blood football players: no ego, easy-to-fix injuries, superlative strength and low-maintenance haircuts.” explained the developer. The title was also released shortlisted for the VR Awards, getting a nomination for ‘Best out-of-home VR experience’ alongside industry leaders such as ILMxLAB, The VOID and HOLOGATE.

Now players can get a taste of what the action within Koliseum Soccer VR is like thanks to the below video and for more information on which locations have a psychical installation of the title, check out their website. For further coverage of Koliseum Soccer VR in the future, make sure to keep reading VRFocus to stay up to date.

First look from the Players Point of View

For those of you who wonder what it's like to play Table Soccer in VR, here is a small glimpse. It's a binocular view, with some gameplay highlights.As usual with our films, we do not cheat with post-production visual enhancements or pre-calculated animations.VRFocus Jeuxvideo.com SWISSGAMES @iInnosuisse Virtual Room Genève

Posted by Koliseum Soccer VR on Friday, 27 July 2018