New Screenshots Released For Naked Sun

Earlier this week UK-based developer Door Z revealed what they have been working on in the form of Naked Sun, a virtual reality (VR) first-person shooter (FPS) that is set in a rather colourful future. With humanity on the brink as the machines rise up it is only a matter of time until everything falls. That is if a daring attack on the global capital in Mexico City does not going according to plan. This is where players will find themselves as they jump right into the action.

Naked Sun

“At the start of the 23rd century, humans finally lost the Earth to artificial intelligence.” The titles store page description reads: “Machines turned against their creators as every android was updated with a new prime directive: Eliminate all humans. Abandoned cities, high radiation levels, and the constant android threat has pushed humanity to the brink of extinction. A handful of survivors hide in the Deadlands – ruins of ancient cities destroyed by nuclear wars – and are doggedly fighting back. However, the enemy is stronger – and the only way humans can survive is to attack.”

Players will be able to take on the endless action with a full 180 degree field-of-action, allowing for smooth gameplay on devices with non-roomscale tracking. All of this will take place within a diverse and feature-rich futuristic location at high speeds starting on a train and moving through to a range of areas. As is clear from the below screenshots is that Naked Sun is a bright, colourful future even if things have not quite gone to plan. It is a nice change of pace though from the usual dark colours and strong use of brown that is seen in other dystopian based media.

Of course not uprising is complete without a rang of weapons and players can expect to find a number of different weapons and special character abilities within Naked Sun. Once more, destructible environments create opportunities for variable tactical play meaning players will be able to play this title in their preferred manner and take on the machines in style.

Naked Sun is planed to release this coming Tuesday, July 17th and will be priced at $11.19 (USD) which is 30% off the regular price of $15.99 for the first week on Steam. The developers at Door Z will also be bringing the title to PlayStation VR later this year towards the end of August. You can see a number of screenshots below and for more on Naked Sun in the future, keep reading VRFocus.