New Godzilla Virtual Reality Experience Coming To The Osaka VR Zone Arcade

Virtual reality (VR) arcades continue to pop up all around the world but the upcoming Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Osaka VR Zone arcade has just announced a new attraction that features the fan favourite Godzilla.This new location is set to open later in the year and will feature a number of attractions that are already available at the Shinjuku location. The new Godzilla title will put visitors closer than every before to the character in an immersive and action packed experience.

Godzilla VR

The Godzilla experience was announced earlier this week and is a multiplayer attraction in which visitors will team up to try and take down the legendary monster. Taking on the role of helicopter pilots the team of players is tasked with defending the city from an attack by Godzilla who is brought to life in great detail taking full advantage of VR showcasing his size and power. Of course, with that comes a great deal of destruction which is what will keep players on their toes as the city around them is destroyed by lasers, fire, stomping and much more.

The attraction makes use of a VR headset along with having the user sit in a moving seat that helps to build a more immersive experience unlike anything they might be use to. Though the attraction will be launched as part of the Osaka VR Zone Arcade opening it will eventually make its way to the Shinjuku arcade. Elsewhere at the Osaka VR Zone arcade visitors will also get to experience Evangelion VR The Tamashii no Za: Bōso (Evangelion VR The Soul’s Seat: Runaway), Gundam Unicorn VR Crash: Sky High Dive, Mass Destruction VR Shooting Galaga Fever, Dragon Quest VR, Dragon Ball VR: Secret Kamehameha, CG STAR LIVE IDOLiSH7 PRISM NIGHT, and many more.

Godzilla VR

This is not Godzilla’s first venture into VR mind you as the larger-than-life character has a Microsoft Hololens experience titled Godzilla Nights which was announced back in May of this year. There was also a PlayStation VR title which was first revealed back in 2016. The new experience at the Osaka VR Zone arcade will offer a unique way for fans to interact with their favourite monster and a trailer for the experience is available to watch below.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on the Osaka VR Zone arcade in the future so make sure to stay tuned. Though the launch date for the venue has not been announced yet it is worth noting that tickets go on sale on August 23rd, 2018 for those looking to get an early booking in place.