Marvel Powers United Welcomes Gamora and Star Lord to the Roster

As the release date for Oculus Rift exclusive Marvel Powers United VR draws ever closer, the team at Sanzaru Games are determined to get the hype up to feverish levels with a veritable torrent of new announcements concerning the title. Now another two heroes have been added in, giving players more options to choose from.

Today’s reveal lets two more of the Guardians of the Galaxy join in the action, with Star Lord and Gamora joining the team.

Star Lord is also known as Peter Quill, a galactic adventurer who was snatched from his home on Earth at a young age to be raised amongst the piratical Ravagers. Armed with his high-tech elemental blaster and a mix tap of classic music from the 70s and early 80s, Star Lord acts as the leader of his rag tag team.

Gamora is the (reluctantly) adopted daughter of the mad titan Thanos. Her brutal upbringing taught her how to be one of the most dangerous warriors in the galaxy, but she grew tired and disgusted by the cruelty she was forced to inflict on others and broke away from Thanos to put her skills to use alongside the other Guardians of the Galaxy. Wielding her deadly blade known as Godslayer or firing away with a blaster, she is a dangerous opponent.

Other recent announcements have covered new villains, which revealed that players would get to battle against Magento and Dormammu, and also some new locations, like Asgard’s majestic throne room, the cold reaches of Jotunheim and the Knowhere Market.

Prior to that Hawkeye and Black Widow joined in on the heroes side, and Wakanda made an appearance as a playable location.

Marvel Powers United VR is due to be released on 26th July, 2018, priced at $39.99 (USD)/ £29.99 (GBP). The title is already available for pre-order via the Oculus Store. For further news on Marvel Powers United VR and other upcoming VR projects, keep checking back with VRFocus.