Location-Based VR Centres Get New Family-Friendly VR Experience

While virtual reality (VR) arcades and other location-based VR centres are rising in popularity, the content on offer is usually aimed at teenagers or young adults. Rocket Worldwide thinks that VR has much to offer a wider audience, so has created the first in what it hopes will become a series of VR Buddy Adventures which caters to the whole family.

The first in the Buddy Adventures VR series is called Attack of the Wompas. This interactive VR tale features Buddy, who is captured by creatures called Wompas who want to make him into the pet of the Wompa King. Players need to figure out how to overcome the Wompas and help Buddy escape.

Buddy himself is a dog who thinks he is a human teenager. The developers say that Attack of the Wompas was created to let a wide range of players discover and explore the world of VR, navigating through progressively more challenging levels and discovering various secrets and solving puzzles.

“We’re really excited to be in VR arcades because kids who don’t have a VR system at home can play our game. Attack of the Wompas is rated ‘E for everyone’, so parents don’t have to worry about the younger kids missing out on the fun”, said Rocket Worldwide CEO and Founder Doug Kryzan.

Attack of the Wompas is currently set for release sometime in Summer 2018 at over 300 location-based VR centres around the world, with plans to further expand to more locations in Autumn 2018.

An exact release date for the title has yet to be confirmed, and the company has not yet revealed what VR arcades and centres will get access to Attack of the Wompas. Further information and continuing updates can be found on the Rocket Worldwide Facebook or Twitter.

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