Livepool FC Fans Can Score Virtual Goals At The Kop

A number of sports teams around the world have turned to virtual reality (VR) in a bid to improve the performance of athletes, and Liverpool Football Club is no exception. For the first time, Liverpool FC is giving its fans an opportunity to utilise this same technology as part of a VR stadium experience.

A new addition to Liverpool FC stadium tours, the ‘Score at the Kop’ experience will recreate a busy match day at Liverpool’s home stadium and let visitors live out their dreams of scoring goals in front of a packed crowd.

The experience is exclusive to those who take part in on of the Anfield Stadium tours, with the VR experience carefully reproducing the sights and sounds of the iconic stadium. Visitors can don the full-body Mi-Hiepa VR technology in order to find themselves in front of a packed Kop Stand where they can try and score a few goals, with the virtual crowd reacting with vocal enthusiasm.

The same technology has previously been used by Liverpool FC to help measure and develop the performance of its players, tracking the cognitive responses and decision-making capabilities of players who take part in the virtual exercises. Liverpool FC is believed to be the first football club to offer this tool for use by supporters.

Paul Cuttill, General Manager for Conference and Events, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to bring this experience home to Anfield for our visitors to enjoy. Scoring a goal in front of the Kop is usually something only players can experience, but now our fans can enjoy that euphoric feeling too. The level of immersion is above and beyond anything else in the world, so fans can truly get a taste of what it feels like to be a Liverpool legend out on the pitch at Anfield.”

The ‘Score at the Kop’ VR experience will be included in the Anfield stadium tours from 28th July until 26th September 2018. Further information is available on the Stadium Tours website.

As usual, VRFocus will continue to report on new applications for VR technology.