Life In 360°: Remote Control Menace

It’s easy to imagine what virtual reality (VR) could become to the videogame scene.  As I’ve discussed before on VRFocus it is easier to write a fiction than create a reality when it comes to technology and though the fiction can inspire it can also lead to disappointment in the reality of the situation. That said, of course, there’s nothing wrong with a healthy imagination. Take a videogame like Counter-Strike for instance.  What would that be like if it was something you could step into and be completely immersed in its reality?

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoWell, last week Madison Wells Media (MWM) in partnership with SoKrispyMedia (Chalk Warfare, Internet Surfer) released the first of three 360 degree video shorts in a new series called SoKrispy Daydreams. Which also ties in with Google Daydream.  The first video in that series, called Tiny Tank sees the team step into such a videogame world, as they hunker down in preparation to destroy the enemy HQ.  All that’s in their way? Well, pretty much everything the enemy force can throw at them. Thankfully, help is at hand from a small remotely controlled tactical tank in their supply drop and soon enough the assault begins – with your ‘in-game’ viewpoint being that of top-mounted camera onboard the tank.

There’s also a couple of jokes about getting a bit too close when no one can see what’s going on, and hey – they’re not exactly wrong. See our article about our own scrapes, bumps and bruises to find out more.

“We believe in this next generation of storytellers and foresaw the team at SoKrispyMedia would break new ground in VR filmmaking,” Executive Producer of MWM Immersive, Ethan Stearns said in a statement. “This partnership with SoKrispy perfectly represent the kind of bespoke collaborations with boundary-pushing artists that MWM prides itself on.”

Two additional shorts for the series, Video Game Vehicle and Do Not Touch, will be launching over the next couple of weeks – in fact it might be an idea to check out VRFocus tomorrow if you like the below.

“Tiny Tank was shot on the Yi Halo camera and director Sam Wickert employs cutting edge visual effects along with pyrotechnics, 100 feet of motion control track, and the Action Factory stunt team to deliver a 360 video experience unlike any other. Tiny Tank is delivered in Ultra HD 3D with specialized audio.”.

Life In 360° will of course be back at the usual time on Wednesday and Friday with another 360 degree video.