Life in 360˚: Serenity

It’s Monday, and I don’t know about you but boy was the weekend stressful. I’m not sure why it was exactly, but the fates conceived that from Friday night all the way through to Sunday night that everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoStarting the weekend frazzled doesn’t do anyone any good whatsoever – least of all me – so I thought we’d ease into a no doubt busy Monday with a more relaxing 360 degree video than normal. And we’re doing it with something from the team at Holosphere VR.

When it comes to the healthcare industry there are many ongoing studies, a number of which we have featured from time to time on VRFocus, that have focused on the idea of using virtual reality (VR) as a means to rehabilitate or to reduce pain. Such is the origin of today’s video, as Holosphere explain.

“When St Giles Hospice approached us with the challenge of creating a room-scale virtual meditation experience, we thought the potential applications sounded very exciting and had great potential to help people who endure the daily struggle of chronic pain. Holosphere worked with medical professionals from St Giles to create the lush, calming environment of the Forest of Serenity.”

Results were positive, as Dr Sheila Popert, Medical Director at St Giles Hospice recalls: “One patient with intractable pain from mesothelioma was asked about his pain following a VR session said ‘What pain? For the first time in six months, I completely forgot that I had any pain’.”

Impressive stuff. At a later date the team adapted the room-scale experience to a 360 degree video, all voiced by the soothing and knowledgeable tones of Sir David Attenborough.

You too can take a walk through the Forest of Serenity below.  Life in 360˚ will be back with another 360 degree video this coming Wednesday.