Kineticards Brings Augmented Reality To Greeting Cards

Savannah College of Art and Design student builds a new type of greeting card.

Students at the Savannah College of Art and Design have created the next generation of greeting cards by combining greeting, business, and other cards together with mobile augmented reality (AR) technology. Dubbed Kineticards, the greeting card has been created by Chrissy Eckman, a student at Savannah College of Art and Design, and is looking to change the greeting card market by offering new, exciting ways for people to interact.


Most traditional greeting cards can sometimes cost upwards of $10 (USD) and this can be a lot of money for people to spend on what is just some card. This means that costumers have to spend a great deal of time looking for the right kind of card which has all the details they want. With Kineticards, costumers get a traditional greeting card with the details they want along with a lively and innovative animation complete with sound that is viewable in AR. What makes them even more appealing though is that the cards are only $6 (USD), making them a much more affordable solution.

All the designs on the cards are hand-drawn by Eckman, giving them a sincere and organic feel which they feel has been missing from traditional greeting cards for sometime. Animation and sounds have been common in the form of eCards for some time, the media has yet to be seen in a physical form which is where Kineticards comes in. The concept for the cards came to Eckman during her senior year at Savannah College of Art and Design, with the goal in mind to create something she was passionate about. She succeeded in seamlessly combining her love of motion graphics, illustration, typography, character design and producing. The result of this is Kineticards.

Kineticards Chrissy Eckman

Eckman was accepted as a participant in the SCAD+ Program in 2017, a post-graduate program designed to facilitate student projects to become fully functioning businesses. Now having finished the program, Eckman has recently unveiled her new website complete with a store to allow the public to purchase Kineticards.

To view the AR component of Kineticards, users need to download the free app for iOS or Android and then simply scan a Kineticard to enjoy the animation and sounds. A short video is available to view below to see more on Kineticards and stay tuned to VRFocus for all the latest on the product in the future.

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