KAEFER Group Begins Pilot Partnership With Luminous for VR Safety Training

There have been quite a few instances of companies – especially more industrial enterprises – using virtual reality (VR) to advance their training techniques. The most recent example of this is by the KAEFER Group, which has announced a pilot partnership with Luminous Group to effectively train their staff using VR.

Luminous Confined Spaces

KAEFER Group, a specialist in insulation, access and construction safety has employed Luminous’ knowledge to produce three bespoke VR scenarios for the global company including, personal protective equipment (PPE) training, working at height and confined space training.

“We deal with difficult situations on a daily basis. While traditional training methods have been successful in the past, we’re moving to a more hands-on approach that Luminous Group and their virtual scenarios have been able to provide, said Benelux Chris Hunter, Managing Director of KAEFER in a statement. “The programme’s Luminous Group have developed allow us to recreate and assess performance for very real, dangerous situations but in a safe and controlled environment.”

Originally, KAEFER wanted to replace its regulatory off-site induction PowerPoints with more engaging training programmes, creating the KAEFER’s Safety Street project. After which a group from KAEFER’s Junior Leadership programme advanced that thought process further developing the idea for a VR version of the programme.

Luminous PPE StoreRoom

Ben Bennett, managing director of Luminous Group and a specialist in 3D laser scanning, modelling and visualisation, says: “People are quickly learning that virtual reality isn’t just for the gaming world. For a global company like KAEFER, who deal with dangerous and temperamental situations, gaining physical experience without risking health and safety has never been more vital. We’ve worked closely with KAEFER to develop a bespoke solution which mirrors real life scenarios to prepare their staff and clients for working in the field.”

Luminous Group have extensive knowledge of enterprise focused VR applications, especially in architecture and construction as well as mixed reality (MR) content. As the company engages in further immersive projects, VRFocus will keep you updated.