HTC Will Be Demonstrating VR at ChinaJoy

The China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference, also known as ChinaJoy, is a very popular and influential event in Asia which showcases a host of products and projects which are related to digital entertainment. HTC have announced that it will be attending the show, bring with it a number of virtual reality (VR) projects to display.

HTC Vive have said that it will be teaming up with several global VR development partners, including Formula 1 racing team McLaren, along with companies such as Ubisoft and Warner Bros to help built ‘VR gaming carnival’ at the event.

The company says it has been working with the China chapter of the McLaren Shadow Project to feature competition in VR videogames at ChinaJoy, which will integrate professional sports like F1 racing with VR technology. The partnership between HTC and McLaren was announced back in May, as part of a deal to produce VR and AR products and services for F1 fans.

HTC Vive say that the winner of the McLaren Shadow Project at ChinaJoy will become part of the McLaren gaming development group and receive instruction from experts brought in by the Formula 1 team.

Also present at the HTC pavilion at ChinaJoy will be playable HTC Vive Pro devices, where Ubisoft will be demonstrating its VR shooting title Space Junkies, while Warner Bros will be showcasing its Ready Player One tie-in VR titles, Rise of the Gunters and Battle for the OASIS.

Visitors to the HTC pavilion will be able to take advantage of the upgrade HTC Vive Focus which will be on display, testing out its newly improved capabilities.

HTC Vive Focus animated GIF

The 2018 ChinaJoy will be the 16th annual event, and it has become the largest videogame and digital entertainment exhibition in Asia. The event is due to run from 3rd-6th August and further information can be found on the official website. For future coverage of VR-related events, keep checking back with VRFocus.