Global Beat Saber Tournament Announced

Since its launch into Steam Early Access, Beat Saber has become something of a phenomenon among virtual reality (VR) enthusiasts. Now to celebrate the official launch of the title, more that fifty VR arcade centres will be taking part in a worldwide Beat Saber tournament.

The Virtual Athletics League, LIV and SpringboardVR have teamed up to host what might well be the largest VR tournament ever devised as part of the celebrations surrounding the official launch of Beat Saber.

Beat Saber Screenshot

Various VR arcades around the world will be taking part in a tournament which will include cash prizes, giveaways and a general marketing blitz to promote Beat Saber.

Since its consumer launch in May, Beat Saber became a highly successful VR title on Steam. With this success came calls for a commercial license for the property, so VR arcade operators could offer the compelling title to its customers, something that developer Beat Games finally began offering in early July.

“We are very happy to welcome SpringboardVR on board as one of our first arcade partners,” says Jaroslav Beck, CEO of Beat Games. “This collaboration is an awesome opportunity to engage our beloved community in both the entertaining and competitive aspects of Beat Saber.”

The currently available version of Beat Saber offers ten original songs composed by Jaroslav Beck, who is also the CEO of Beat Games. The developers are planning on offering more original tracks and a multiplayer mode to the VR Arcade version.

Beat Saber will be joining the SpringboardVR network from 30th July onwards, priced at $0.06 per minute.

“We’re excited to work with Beat Games to provide this stellar, all-ages experience to our global VR Arcade partners. VR has a marketing problem (you have to put on a headset to really get it) and Beat Saber helps solve that problem. Videos of people playing Beat Saber are undeniably ‘cool.’ The game LOOKS as fun to play as it actually is with the headset on. The importance of that for our operators can’t be overstated,” said Will Stackable, Co-Founder of SpringboardVR.

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