Explore Nefertari’s Tomb In VR With Nefertari: Journey to Eternity [Updated]

Immersive virtual reality experience available now.

Virtual reality (VR) allows users to experience a near limitless number of moments including those that might be hard, or impossible, to do in the real-world. If visiting the tomb of Nefertiti was one such experience you always wanted then you’ll be happy to know that it is now possible to do just that thanks to a new VR title from developer Experius VR and realityvirtual.coNefertari: Journey to Eternity.

Nefertari: Journey to Eternity

For those unaware, Nefertari was an Egyptian queen and the first of the Great Royal Wives of Ramesses the Great. Her name means ‘beauitful companion’ and her surname, Meritmut means ‘beloved of (the goddness) Mut’. She is considered to be one of the most well known Egyptian queens next to that of Cleopatra. Highly educated, she was said to carry out diplomatic work, corresponding with other royals at the time of her rule.

Now she rests in her tomb in Egypt’s legendary Valley of the Queens, one of the modern world’s most detailed windows into ancient Egyptians’ journey towards the afterlife. Thanks to the work of Experius VR users can now journey to her tomb and see the stunning beautiful of it in fully detail, with millimeter accuracy thanks to VR. This is the first time that people will be able to step into the tomb and immerse themselves within the story of its art, history, construction, and mythology through a number of interactive educational elements.

Nefertari: Journey to Eternity

The publisher for the title, CuriosityStream were also the publisher behind the space exploration experience title Destination: Pluto The VR Experience. This title allowed users to take a trip to the surface of the Pluto. Now with Nefertari: Journey to Eternity, the publisher is once again inviting users to embark on a deeply educational journey into one of the world’s most stunning and mysterious locations. Learn more about the tombs of the Egyptian Kings and Queens, the mythology of the afterlife, the preparation of the tombs and much more.

Detailed for use with the HTC Vive headset, Nefertari: Journey to Eternity is available to download now on Steam and is completely free. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on experiences like this so stay tuned for more.

Update: Since publishing, realityvirtual.co, the New Zealand start-up that has developed advanced workflow for taking photogrammetry into VR in hyper-realistic cinematic quality, has informed VRFocus that the company published a behind-the-scenes video into the creation of Nefertari: Journey to Eternity which is available to watch below.

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