Episode Two Of Felix & Paul’s Space Explorers Series Is Now Available

Felix & Paul, the Montréal based pioneers in cinematic virtual reality (VR) experiences have been delivering impressive documentary’s for some time now including The People’s House: Inside the White House With Barack and Michelle Obama. The studio has also being working on a two-part cinematic series that explores the new age of space exploration and episode two is now available.

Space Explorers: Taking Flight

Titled Space Explorers, the two-part series follows what it takes for those wanting to travel to space to become trained and ready to do so. From looking at the early days of training for aspiring astronauts up to the international space station, the series is a rich, detailed look at the latest in space exploration training and technology. The first episode, Space Explorers: A New Dawn, debuted earlier this year and now episode two, Space Explorers: Taking Flight, will explore the world of space even further.

With a focus on the importance of continued collaboration between international space programs as well as new partnerships between agencies like NASA and private corporations, which may prove vital to the success of the world’s space exploration efforts. Viewers will see first-hand how astronauts from different countries come together to support projects like the International Space Station and how by working together, the dream of space exploration is becoming more real with every missions.

Space Explorers: Taking Flight

Viewers will also get to experience several rocket launches, including Russian cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin’s thrilling departure for the ISS, in stunning front-row seat treatment. Thanks to developing a unique system that separated its proprietary VR camera from their corresponding data recording and battery systems, Felix & Paul have been able to get up close and personal as they capture the full intensity of each launch. This is as close as you can get to the launch of a space rocket within standing dangerously close to it.

Space Explorers: Taking Flight is available now on Oculus Rift, Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR right now. The application is priced at $2.99 (USD) on all three headsets and will include both episodes one and two. Those who already own the application can enjoy episode two right away without any additional costs. You can view the trailer for episode two before and for all the latest on Felix & Paul, keep reading VRFocus.