Celebrate Pokémon GO’s Second Anniversary With A Summer Style Pikachu

There is no slowing the giant that is Pokémon GO, the ever growing popular augmented reality (AR) mobile title, as it reaches its second anniversary. To mark the two years following its release developer Niantic Labs have announced that a special Pikachu will be available for a limited time.

Pokémon GO

There is no other way to really celebrate the momentous occasion then to invite the world’s favourite Pokémon to join in the fun. From now until July 31st, 2018, trainers will be able to see more frequent sightings of Pikachu and Pichu throughout the world. Not only that but there will be a special “Summer Style” Pikachu, decked out in a straw hat and sunglasses, out there to be caught as well.

If that was not enough already, there are also a number of extra items available for trains as well. Trains will need to have a gold Pikachu Fan medal within the app in order to be able to purchase all of the related items, which feature a T-shirt and Pikachu ears to dressed your avatar up in.

Since its release the title has had a number of ups and downs but continues to be going strong with an active player base that cannot get enough of the cute pocket monsters. Recently Pokémon GO has seen a lot of traction with the addition of friends and trading, Alolan Pokémon, Professor Willow’s Global Challenges and the Pokémon GO Safari Zone Dortmund event taking place as well.

Pokémon GO

In other news, Niantic Labs announced they had acquired Matrix Mill to advance their AR platform which was shortly followed by the reveal of the Niantic Real World Platform. This new AR platform is currently being developed by the company with players to open it to other developers in the future. In a number of demos that were released Niantic showcased it’s multiplayer, low-latency, gameplay in both a first-person shooter example and cooperative puzzle title featuring up to eight players.

The two year anniversary celebrations within Pokémon GO will be running until the end of the month and the title is available to download now for both Android and iOS devices. For more on the title in the future, keep reading VRFocus.