Bristol VR Lab Announces VR The News Hackathon Event

The Bristol Virtual Reality (VR) Lab has announced a new hackathon event that invites people to work together to build new experiences all to the theme of ‘VR The News‘. By exploring how immersive technology can be used to tell current affairs stories, attendees will be encouraged to explore this topic and develop new ways of telling stories.

Bristol VR Lab front

By coming together to collaborate and build something that’s never been built before, the Bristol VR Lab is looking for original VR, augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) projects that have a witty twist on current events or rethink the way in which the news is presented. Humour is encouraged but not essential, meaning it is completely down to the teams how they want handle that subjects.

The event will also be a chance for participants to meet and network with industry experts, like-minded individuals, and talents AR, VR, MR peers. The teams and their creations will be judged by people who have experience in industry fields such as videogame development and journalism.

VR Bristol Lab

Those who are interested in immersive technology and current events are welcomed and encouraged to attend the event. This includes designers, developers, engineers, artists, and creatives who all want to deepen their understanding of the technology. The hackathon and the Bristol VR Lab are facilitating the growth of the immersive industry thanks to their on going support and events such as this one. With a space that encourages risk taking and exploring new ideas, the ‘VR The News’ hackathon is an excellent opportunity for anyone wanting to get more hands-on experience.

Those who want to attend the event and join a team can apply to do so at the following link. The event will be accepting 32 participants which will break into eight teams of four. Every participant must apply individually and each applicant will be notified via email if they have been accepted and the event will be broken into a number of sections, such as the first day mainly be about networking and forming teams.

The ‘VR The News’ hackathon is set to take place on August 24th, 2018 through to August 26th, 2018 at the Bristol VR Lab.

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