Bebylon: Battle Royale Moves into Beta Phase

Battle royale videogames are all the rage at the moment, appearing on every possible platform, from the big publishers and tiny indie developers alike. Bebylon Battle Royale takes a slightly unusual approach in that the combatants involved in the fighting are… babies. Developers Kite & Lightning have now revealed that the pint-sized powerhouses are now ready to enter the beta testing phase.

Bebylon Battle Royale lets the player take control of an immortal, powerful infant who enters the arena in order to take on other tiny terrors. The result is deliberately off-the-wall and designed to be bonkers and hilarious to players.

The latest update from developers Kite & Lightning revealed that the title is almost ready to begin closed beta testing in advance of an anticipated launch later in 2018, though an exact date has yet to be set.

Some more details have also emerged, concerning how the battle will begin for players. At first, the player has only a tiny baby clad in sweat pants, who must enter a place abled at ‘Dojo Training Center for Bebies Who Can’t Fight Good’ (Sic). There the player will need to practice and train their skills in order to attracted the attention of one of the Four Great Families, who will act as your sponsor and team.

The arenas in Bebylon Battle Royale all have odd abilities that causes miniaturisation, enlargement, rotation, slow-motion and all manner of other effects. However, despite appearances, the arenas don’t actually move or alter, its all background wizardry and digital smoke and mirrors so the player avatars and the stadium backdrop that changes, but the developers have created many clever tools to make sure the player’s can’t tell.

As further information about Bebylon Battle Royale emerges, such as news on beta testing or a release date, VRFocus will be sure to keep bringing you the latest.