Beat Saber Update Includes Easter Egg Track

Everyone’s favourite virtual reality (VR) title, Beat Saber, received a new update this week. Rather than just the normal bug fixes and improvements Beat Games also hid a special Easter Egg for fans.

Beat Saber EasterEgg

In a Steam listing concerning the update the studio gave a little hint about how to find said Easter Egg, saying:

“Go to the place where your journey should have started.
Maybe something is meant to be otherwise than stated.”

If you want to find the secret yourself then stop reading now. However if you can wait then continue reading as VRFocus reveals how to find it.

Head to the tutorial and once it begins cross the sabers so they start to spark. Keep them crossed and put the sabers into the rings (so blue will go into red and red into the blue ring). When the blocks start to appear cut each one with the opposite coloured saber and continue until the tutorial says you’re ready. Then head back into the music library and Angel Voices should have appeared – the longest track yet at just over 6 minutes and 1202 notes.

Beat Saber Screenshot

As for the updates in Beat Saber v0.11.0 they are:

  • Settings for how in-game menu can be triggered added (instantly or long press)
  • Volume settings added
  • Swap Colors settings added
  • Static Lights gameplay options added
  • No Obstacles gameplay options added
  • “Cut in any direction” tutorial voiceover and text added
  • Fixed simultaneous vibration of both Oculus Touch controllers (only with -vrmode oculus)
  • Fixed calculation of maximum possible score
  • Fixed bug where you can spawn too far from the platform
  • Legendary Hardcore Flying Car!

We’re still waiting for Beat Games to release the level editor and the multiplayer which haven’t yet been given exact arrival windows. The same goes for the PlayStation VR version, but owners do at least have some exclusives to look forward to. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Beat Saber, reporting back with any new updates.