Barcelona Stadium Designers Are Using Mixed Reality For Their Latest Project

Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium is due to see an upgrade and mixed reality (MR) is helping to make it possible. By using Synchro Software which was acquired by Bentley earlier this year, stadium designers have been able to recreate  a cloud-based 4D construction model of Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium.

Espai Barca

This model will be used to help the designers visualize the stadium upgrade and aid in ensuring a more effective work process from design to finished project. Titled ‘Espai Barça’, the project will see the iconic stadium expanded to a capacity in excess of 100,000. The project will also see the addition of a roof which will be installed inside the €360 (Euro) million venue, with the project set to be completed in 2022.

Talking to New Civil Engineer, Benley technical architect Greg Demchak explained: “The scope of this project demands that we look for new solutions, and for this, we turned to Microsoft. Using Azure infrastructure, HoloLens technology, and Cognitive Services, multiple users can interact with a holographic representation of the stadium data at any moment in the construction process. We are also leveraging machine learning and on-site images to digitally track actual progress with Synchro.”

Espai Barca

Including in the project will also be an underground parking lot with a capacity of 3,500 vehicles along with exclusive parking for players. A number of restaurant services overlooking the pitch will also be installed with VIP seats placed into the stands as well. All of this will be designed and visualized within 3D space with the HoloLens allowing for the changes to be viewed as the project progresses.

Elsewhere in the project a new €90 (Euro) million arena is being designed which will hold 12,000 and is planned to host the club’s basketball, handball, roller hockey and futsal teams. This is expected to be completed by 2020 with work running alongside the main stadium work.

The ‘Espai Barça’ project will be a massive undertaking for the workers but the end result will be one that offers a great capacity for viewers to come and enjoy their favourite team in a stunning, beautiful stadium. As designers leverage the MR technology to help them keep the project on track and improving the workflow, VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest in the future.