XSEED Discuss Gungrave VR In Interview

VRFocus learn more about the upcoming return of a classic.

You might have heard about the upcoming virtual reality (VR) title Gungrave VR recent following its present at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2018 where a new trailer and information was released. During the event VRFocus’ Nina Salomons was able to sit down with Jason Hayato Higa, Localisation Lead at XSEED, to discuss the upcoming release and learn a bit more about the title.

Gungrave VR - Screenshot (E3 2018)

Gungrave VR is the return of the classic Gungrave which was originally released on the PlayStation 2 back in 2002. The title was, at the time, praised for it’s unique art style and interesting gameplay. Higa explains that Gungrave VR is considered to be Gungave 2.5 in terms of where it fits within the series. The Western release, planned for fall 2018, comes a year after it was released in the Eastern market by publish Blueside. It is thanks to XSEED and Marvelous Entertainment that the title can come to fans in the West.

Talking about the title, Higa explains: “You play as Grave, beyond the grave, that’s his name. And your following orders from your partner and your going through an organization and your trying to stop them. They have like undead zombies and machines to try and take you down.”

“Grave has multiple weapons,” Higa continues: “The main weapon are his two handguns – The Cerberus – and he also has his coffin which is his melee weapon and also a machine gun as well and a number of secrets on him.”

Players can expect to find a lot of action within the title as they engage in intense, fast-paced third-person shooter sectors where hordes of enemies need to be taken down. Along with stationary sections which feel more like a classic-arcade title that take place in first-person. Regardless of the perspective, the title is completely playable in VR offering an experience that no Gungrave fan has seen until now.

Gungrave VR is planned to release later this year in Fall and will be exclusive to PlayStation VR. You can see the full interview for yourself below and to stay up to date on all the latest details for the title, and all things VR, keep reading VRFocus.

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