Ubisoft and SpectreVision Show Off Transference

Elijah Wood took to the stage during Ubisoft’s E32018 presentation to speak to the audience about upcoming virtual reality (VR) title, the mind-bending, psychological story of Transference.

It had been previously revealed that Transference was intended to blur the line between movie and videogame in a surreal, story-driven VR experience.

The trailer showed a strange, twisted look at the obsession of a man who is conducting strange experiments that in some way involve memories and focus on his son. The father admits he has not been a good husband or father, and has seemingly settled on a strange and twisted way of ‘fixing’ everything.

The story of the title concerns the brilliant but troubled scientist and inventor Raymond Hayes, who has been experimenting with data he has collected from himself and his family. Unfortunately, this gathered data has congealed into a dark and twisted consciousness of its own, forming its own digital world which starts to alter the perceptions of Raymond, his wife Katherine and their son Benjamin.

The atmosphere of the trailer presents a strange, almost dreamlike quality, with strange voices whispering as Raymond speaks to his son, the whispers warning of betrayal and lies as the corrupted simulation begins to take hold and the extent of the danger presented by Raymond’s experiments becomes clear.

Transference is said to feature a branching narrative, with the ability to affect the lives of the family by slowly piecing together a mystery. The developers have said that each choice made by the player will affect the narrative in different ways.


It is hoped that by utilising a combination of live-action footage and environmental storytelling that the emotion of the VR experience will affect the players in a way that will make a real impact.

The trailer is available to view below. Further coverage of Transference and other upcoming VR titles will be here on VRFocus.