Trivantis Announces Immersive Learning Platform CenarioVR

Though the benefits of using virtual reality (VR) for training in business and enterprise settings has been demonstrated in various ways, there are still difficulties in set-up cots and creating custom content. E-learning company Trivantis is aiming to make this process easier with its CenarioVR platform.

The CenarioVR platform has been created to bring immersive learning to businesses in a way that provides authoring tools, xAPI data and performance analytics that lets businesses create and customise VR learning scenarios.

Trivantis says that the CenarioVR platform can use footage from any 360-degree camera or existing 3D video to create linked interactive scenes that allow users to be engaged by using choice selections, dynamic feedback, branching scenarios and 2D embedded video.

“From critical equipment training that typically takes place on the plant floor to life-or-death safety procedures that can be too costly or risky to conduct in-person, CenarioVR truly allows for the ability to try and fail and try again in a consequence-free environment. What’s more, CenarioVR can be used in your existing training ecosystem – no special skills, resources, or expensive equipment are necessary to begin implementing a VR training strategy in your organization” said Laura Silver, Vice President of Products for Trivantis.

Organisations can deliver training from traditional learning systems or by using the CenarioVR mobile app, which can use a VR headset to improve the immersion, which some studies show increases the effectiveness of training.

The built-in analytics lets training supervisors monitor progress and points of interest, including any areas of particular strength, or areas that might need additional attention.

Trivantis has been working in e-learning for over 20 years, and the company says it is using this experience to craft a low-cost solution for businesses and organisations. Further information can be found on the CenarioVR website.

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