Test out Paw Print Games’ Latest VR Title Border Patrol

Having seen success with its debut virtual reality (VR) title Bloody Zombies in 2017, indie developer Paw Print Games announced work on a follow up title called Border Patrol. While the studio has released snippets of information regarding the videogame, today a free demo has gone live on Steam.

Supporting Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, the Border Patrol Demo is a pre-alpha look at the work-in-progress videogame. The premise of the experience is that players have just started a new job as booth operator at an AI travel border.

Much like life imitating art (such is the current political climate worldwide) checkpoints have been setup to conform with recently instated AI travel restrictions in the region. It’s a players job to interact with and manage the AI travelling through the area, ensuring only valid Robots pass through. If mistakes are made there will be consequences.

The gameplay isn’t just about rubber stamping the right robots, as the playful tongue-in-cheek storyline about a serious topic features a branching narrative which can change upon each encounter and how players react to them.

Bloody Zombies

After the initial reveal VRFocus caught up with Paw Print Games’ Steven Knapman, lead designer on both Bloody Zombies and Border Patrol to learn a little more about the upcoming title.

As an early preview, the demo of Border Patrol features a single working day for the robot official, giving an introduction to the world and what it takes to operate the booth. As development continues and further content comes to light, VRFocus will keep you updated.