Streaming Mixed Reality Without A Green Screen

Videogaming livestreaming has become a staple of many people’s lives, wether that involves just watching, or producing. For streamers who show virtual reality (VR), presenting a smoother and simpler mixed reality livestream just got easier with MixCast 2.0 from Blueprint Reality.

Usually when streaming VR titles, in order to give the audience a full idea of what’s happening a green screen is needed behind the player to they can be superimposed on the VR environment. The new version of the MixCast software eliminates the need for green screen.

The new version of the software induces the ‘no green screen’ or WildKey mode, which allows subjects to be isolated using multiple methods of background removal. MixCast 2.0 also incorporates support for Intel RealSense depth cameras, and integrated support for most major streaming platforms, so users will no longer need to use third-party software.

“Blueprint Reality’s roots in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality development run deep – we are creators and huge fans who want to bring the experience to the masses,” said Tarrnie Williams, co-founder and CEO, Blueprint Reality. “MixCast 2.0 will expand the market for VR experiences through social sharing, live spectation, and by empowering a larger, more diverse community of content creators.”

“We painstakingly architected the MixCast 2.0 feature set based on the wants and needs of our MixCast developer, creator and user community.” said Ben Sheftel, co-founder and CTO, Blueprint Reality. “We are introducing a new level of freedom to every aspect of the platform – from no green screen capture, to multiple camera support, to our own recording and streaming tools. MixCast 2.0 equips all levels of users with the tools they need to create and share in mixed reality.”

The Blueprint Reality team are keen to engage with the community for ways to further improve the product for livestreamers, developers and creators. Further news on MixCast and other mixed reality products will be covered here on VRFocus.