SPEX Announce New AR Headset Platform Offering Breakthrough In Enhanced Vision

SPEX, the new division of eSight Corporation, has announced that it is introduction its first augmented reality (AR) headset platform providing enhanced vision to commercial, industrial and medical applications with the need for precision vision without overwriting or obstructing a users natural vision.

SPEX HMD - Augmented Reality Re-imagined

The new SPEX head-mounted display (HMD) was revealed and displayed at the Augmented World Expo earlier this week at the Santa Clara Convention Center, where both the hardware and software were showcased. By combining the best AR and virtual reality (VR) features available SPEX have been able to create a HMD that is suitable for all-day usage. The HMD is lightweight and comfortable and features a patented Bioptic Tilt design, allowing for hands-free use and full access to native vision while providing an AR view of the world.

“Our new SPEX HMD represents the evolution of our healthcare technology platform to now make it applicable to a broad range of commercial, medical and industrial applications,” said Dr. Brian Mech, President and Chief Executive Officer, eSight Corporation. “SPEX is a proven hardware and software platform that enables application developers to rapidly deliver high-quality, mobile, mission critical applications.”

SPEX HMD - Augmented Reality Re-imagined

The new SPEX HMD is equipped with a 21.7 megapixel camera, combined with high-quality optics and rapid automatic focus, produces super vision that enhances the wears vision beyond that of the human eye is capable of. With OLED screens and custom display optics that provide high resolution, higher contract image than other displays with angular resolution greater than most other HMDs, the SPEX HMD is a powerful piece of kit packed into a tiny form factor.

“The value proposition presented by our headset and platform technology is second to none for several applications,” said R. Bruce Ridley, Vice President, Business and Market Development for SPEX. “We are seeking application and development partners to provide their market expertise to collaborate with us in any number of ways.”

Targeted at a number of applications including interactive training, medical application, and manufacturing and inventory management the SPEX HMD has a lot to offer. Though no public release date has been announced at this time developers interested in the platform can find information on how to get involved on the SPEX website. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on the SPEX HMD in the future so stay tuned for more.