Secure Your Bloodline And The Kingdom In Wonfourn

In an age of swords, castles and dragons kingdoms set stock in the bloodline of the royals. The needs of the kingdom are absolute and it is up to those of the bloodline in order to lead by example, defend the borders, bring order to the common folk and glory to the country and your family name.

Wonfourn - ScreenshotIn EnsenaSoft’s action adventure videogame Wonfourn you step into the role of one of these heirs to the throne, the firstborn whose task is to fulfil their destiny, prove their worth and show they have what it takes to lead their kingdom into the future. A task made that much more difficult by the fact that there are six kingdoms, all with an heir now of age looking to do the exact same thing. Prepare to set sail into adventure across 36 islands, find your destiny, and possibly find quite a lot of trouble too. Especially if you’re transporting cargo significant enough to get the attention of any pirates that happen to be in the area.

Classes are not necessarily what you’ve come to expect. As you take on the roll of either Rogue the Dragonsoul, Tempest the Everdrake, Seraphim the Galeseeker, Misti the Silvertongue, Katana the Lioneye and Jericho the Dreadwolf. All of which have their own strengths and play styles.

Out now on Steam with a limited time promotional offer of 20% off the regular price, bringing it to £7.99 (GBP) from £9.99. Wonfourn supports the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

Wonfourn - Screenshot“Master the trades of archery, spear throwing and jousting in glorious VR. Trade goods between islands, discover and exploit trading routes, and watch out for bands of pirates seeking your loot. Control the battle from the deck of your ship and feel the canons roar as you sink your opponent. Cross the ocean seeking rumored riches and spend your fortune on weaponry needed for battle. Defeat is not an option!”

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