SculptrVR Appears on PlayStation VR

Not every virtual reality (VR) application is about pure entertainment, some of them offer a way for users to tap into their creative side. SculptrVR has previously offered users on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Google Daydream the chance to create intricate 3D objects within VR.

The PlayStation VR version allows users to take up the PlayStation Move controllers to sculpt 3D objects. There are a variety of tools available that lets users create shapes, edit, copy and share anything from tiny, intricate works to huge, expansive environments.

SculptrVR screenshot 7

SculptVR allows users to either grow to massive size to stride across the virtual landscape like a titan, shaping the world around you as you go. Or you can shrink down to tiny size for careful editing of every voxel.

Once a creation is complete, or if the creators want some opinions from friends, users will be able to share their work with the community. Unlike with most PlayStation 4 titles where sharing is done exclusively through the ‘Share’ button, SculptrVR includes an option to save and upload sculptures to a special online gallery, allowing other users to use the PlayStation VR to view those sculptures in 3D.

SculptrVR has a blocky aesthetic that somewhat resembles the RPG 3D Dot Game Heroes on the PlayStation 3, or a slightly more detailed version of Minecraft. Users can edit not just the sculptures themselves but also the surrounding environment, such as moving the sun and moon or adding in fog effects.

The small development team say that the currently available version of the title is not the final build, and the team is working on plans to add new features in the future, though they have concentrated on creating an easy-to-use interface to hep users begin creating.

SculptrVR screenshot 2

The launch trailer for the PlayStation VR version is available to view below. For further news on SculptrVR and other new and upcoming VR titles, keep checking with VRFocus.