Sanctum of Sahir Update for Wands Out Now

Players of magical duel virtual reality (VR) title Wands will be able to install the new 1.4 update, which includes the new Sanctum of Sahir content, bringing some new locations to the PvP-based adventure.

The 1.4 update is beginning its rollout to all players from today, and brings with it a new arena map which will bring new challenges to players, such as sandstorms and poison as well as new environments to admire.

The update is also introduces a workshop overhaul, with the development team at Cortopia Studios having recreated the workshop from the ground up, and also adding in a tutorial to aid players who are new to the game experience.

Players can now expect to receive Spell Tokens for every level between 2 and 20, with another being rewarded as part of the introduction to the videogame, allowing every spell to be unlocked by level 20, which helps new players catch up with more experienced rivals.

Some new cosmetic rewards have been included in the update, with the mask and outfit cosmetic items that date from before the 1.4 update now being replaced with new character-based appearances.

The in-game currency, Dust, can be used to unlock the new items available in the workshop. Players will now gain 100 dust for the first match played each day, as well as the first match won every day and for every level beyond 20.

With the release of Update 1.4, players will find that all items in their inventory will be converted into the amount of dust that would previously have been needed to craft them. Players that were using previous customisation options that no longer with with the new appearance system will have those items converted into unique titles.

The full patch notes are available to read on the official Wands website. For future coverage of Wands and updates to other VR titles, keep checking back with VRFocus.