Liveblog: Unite Berlin 2018 – ‘TRINITY: Next-Level Graphics for Cinematic VR’

VRFocus is once again providing liveblog coverage of sessions (where we can) at this year’s edition of Unity’s Unite Berlin. Over three days this week, creators who use Unity are coming together to discuss all the recent developments in both software, hardware and the usage of both. Naturally, both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences are at the event and how immersive technology is being implimented around the world is a topic a number of speakers are getting into.

Trinity - UNLIMITEDNext up,UNLTD take to the stage to discuss TRINITYBack in April it was revealed that UNLTD would be teaming with Made with Unity, the two companies joining forces to create an interactive, immersive live-action VR experience – TRINITY – which combined footage shot on live-action cameras with 3D VFX produced with Unity’s real-time development platform.

At the time, John Hamilton, the CEO of UNLTD commented that “Working with Unity has been amazing, and completely accelerated not only our post-production process, but gave us a creative freedom to accomplish things nobody has ever seen before. We’re looking forward to partnering up again to make TRINITY a global success.” Hamilton will speak more on the project today.

“VR Creator UNLTD share how they achieved photoreal avatars and environments in TRINITY using volumetric capture in a whole new way!”

Your liveblogger for the event is Peter Graham.