Liveblog: Unite Berlin 2018 – ‘How to Drive VR/AR Use Cases for Enterprises Using the Example of Volkswagen’

VRFocus is once again providing liveblog coverage of sessions (where we can) at this year’s edition of Unity’s Unite Berlin. Over three days this week, creators who use Unity are coming together to discuss all the recent developments in both software, hardware and the usage of both. Naturally, both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences are at the event and how immersive technology is being implimented around the world is a topic a number of speakers are getting into.

Next, we’ve seen many times how both VR and AR are being utilised within the automotive industry. The idea of an AR assisted windscreen, effectively implementing a HUD onto the road ahead of you, has been prevelant for many years but immersive technology has also come into use in car design, as a means to give virtual test drives and as another form of onboard entertainment.

This talk discusses AR and VR and is a part of the AutoTech Summit at the event and is given by Torben Volkwein of Innoactive

“Come hear the story of how the Volkswagen group is using VR to make training for 10,000 of their production and logistics employees more accessible and effective. You’ll learn how they are working closely with Innoactive to provide the right platform for the fast adoption of VR/AR in many applications within the Volkswagen Group. You will also see a live demo showing how the Innoactive Hub and the Innoactive SDK allow business experts and developers to plan, build and manage their VR/AR applications.”

Your liveblogger for the event is Peter Graham.