Life In 360°: Well, Ovals Are Basically 360…

Motorsport. The smell of burning rubber, the sound of a roaring engine, the taste of champagne for the victorious or the bitter taste of defeat.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoAs mentioned previously on Life In 360° I am a motorsport fan, particularly Formula 1 racing. As such we’ve featured Formula 1 quite a lot, particularly since new owners Liberty Media took over and opened the doors for cars to equip 360 degree cameras there’s been all manner of footage coming out for every race. That, we last featured roughly a month ago; and I do have plans to feature it again very soon, possibly at the tail end of next week.

Until then there are other avenues of motor racing to explore, and of all the motorsports out there yesterday NASCAR went absolutely 360 degree mad. Publishing a whole host of videos in the format from a handheld camera used at Sunday’s race at Sonoma Raceway. All with next to no indication as to what they were about.

Warning: It’s NASCAR, so it’s loud.

So here’s the start of the race…

A pitstop from… someone.

The pedestrian bridge at Sonoma.

At the side of the track:

Here’s Martin Truex Jr doing a burnout.

Victory lane after the event.

And here’s the champagne.

That’s just a selection of a hopping fourteen videos that went up in, well, no particular order whatsoever. you can find more on the NASCAR YouTube channel.

We’ll be back on Monday with another video. Be sure to check back with VRFocus throughout today and the weekend.