Life In 360°: Sunrise Over Malaekahana

Well, here we are everybody. E3 week has begun very much in earnest. As such I can confirm that if you’re reading this anywhere close to the publication time that at this precise moment the VRFocus team in the UK is probably (hopefully) asleep. Getting some much-needed rest after the usual march past midnight and deep into the AM that E3 always brings.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoThe other option is that we’re currently reading this ourselves, our eyes having sunken into our desperation wracked face as we’ve reached that oh so helpful state of being ‘too exhausted to sleep’ – you know exactly what I mean right? When your system is too wound up about its lack of relaxation it is unable to relax when you get the chance. It’s a tough vicious cycle, and one that frankly is not particularly welcome at this time of year, as you can imagine!

As such I thought it might be best if, at this most stressful week begins, we have another little theme week, with videos focused on the idea of getting rest, getting sleep or generally just chilling out. So, for this video we’re off to the beach. To Hawaii in fact, because as the week why not mirror it with the rising of the sun itself.  This particular video comes courtesy of Realidyne and shows us a scene from the beach at Malaekahana Bay, Oahu. Captured wayyyy back – in 360 degree video terms, at least – in July 2015.

“Malaekahana Bay located on the north-eastern shore of Oahu between La’ie and Kahuku, has a long white-sand beach, which makes it perfect for beach walks, ball games and relaxation.” Says to-hawaii.com, “It offers good bodyboarding and surfing conditions, especially in the winter when the surf is up. However, the currents can be strong, and there are no lifeguards on this beach.”

Sounds pretty good. You can see it below. VRFocus will be back on Wednesday with something… very different in terms of relaxing 360 degree videos.