Leap Motion Announces Update for Project North Star

A few weeks ago Leap Motion released the files for the reference design of its Project North Star augmented reality (AR) headset. The team have now released an update to the North Star headset assembly that adds some improvements and the addition of the Leap Motion Controller.

The Project North Star has several advantages over other commercially available AR headsets in terms of field-of-view, and the release of the files allowed developers to create their own version of the headset using 3D printers. The updated files adds support for alternate headgear and fittings for the Leap Motion Controller.

The Leap Motion controller is a hand-tracking system that was one of the first projects released by the company. The latest addition to the open source CAD files for Project North Star have been updated to allow for the Leap Motion controller to be added to the assembly. The creators also took the opportunity to make other changes to improve the overall design.

An alternate headgear option has been added. Most variants of the design have supported the Miller headgear as a basis to ‘hang’ the other components on, but the team at Leap Motion preferred the more comfortable 3M Speedglas Utility headgear, so a new options has been added, enabling more choices when building North Star prototypes.

The latest file release also introduces Torsion hinges to lighten the clamping load needed to stop optics from pressing down on a user’s face. Two torsion springs fight gravity acting on the optics, allowing the optics to be suspended above the nose, letting users flip up the visor with little effort. This is believed to make for a more comfortable experience.

Further information can be found on the Leap Motion blog and the build guide. The files themselves can be found on GitHub. As usual, VRFocus will keep you updated on the latest concerning Leap Motion and Project North Star.