KryptCrawler Out Now on Steam

For those who feel like an old-school adventure descending into a dungeon to beat up monsters and nick their stuff, CrazyBunch and Headup Games have released a new virtual reality (VR) compatible title called KryptCrawler which might be right up your street.

KryptCrawler was previously released on Oculus Store for the Samsung Gear VR, but now it is available on Steam to be played with or without VR.

The development team took inspiration from the classic dungeon crawler videogames of old, and have created KryptCrawler to appeal to both retro RPG fans as well as fans of modern VR.

Players will descent into a dark dungeon where they will face gruesome traps, fight against deadly creatures and solve brain-teasing puzzles. Gameplay harks back to the tabletop-style with grid-based and first-person style taken into VR. A series of dangerous tombs and crypts are available to explore, where adventurers can find powerful weaponry and artifacts that can destroy the fearsome monsters you will come face-to-face with as you descend deeper into the depths.

KryptCrawler uses a combination of turn-based olf-school gameplay that will be familiar to fans of such classic as the Ultima series along with real-time combat and a special trap evasion system. Lurking in the dark corridors will be giant spiders, poisonous scorpions and other creatures of myth and nightmare.

There are ten story levels to explore in KryptCrawler, with many powerful weapons and treasures available to discover that will help you on your journey, either by making you more powerful, or by revealing previously hidden paths further into the dungeon.

KryptCrawler is out now on Steam, compatible with the Oculus Rift. The title currently has a launch discount of 20%, knocking the price down to £4.63 compared to the usual price of £5.79. Further information and updates can be found on the Steam store page.

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