It’s Update Central as Oculus Announces yet More Improvements to its Platform

While the weeks after the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2018 tend to be a little slower when it comes to videogame news, Oculus has been fairly busy this week with several updates to its core platform, sculpting software Oculus Medium and Oculus for Business. To round the week of Oculus has unveiled its July roster of updates rolling out today, adding more social features, customisation options and more.

Oculus Avatars edit

The updates are being pushed out through Oculus’ Public Test Channel (PTC) which means they’re not official just yet, and only available to those who’ve signed up to the channel.

First up Rift Core 2.0 – which launched in December 2017 – is getting social so users can hang out with friends inside Oculus Home. Explaining on the Oculus Blog the company states: “This initial release has basic functionality and will help us test the multiplayer infrastructure. Over the next several months, we’ll add more features and depth to make Home a great place to spend time with friends regardless of physical distance—and the perfect jumping off point to explore social VR content together.”

Other features being rolled out today that you can start testing include Group Hang-Outs where up to eight people can chill in the same Home, Broadcasting Oculus Desktop which adds experimental support for broadcasting embedded Dash panels and upgraded Oculus Avatars.

Oculus Avatars upgraded

The avatar customisation has been improved with new hair, skin shading, clothing, and eyewear design options. Oculus Avatars don’t just appear in Oculus Home but in several videogames as well, including Brass TacticsEpic RollercoastersREFLEX UNITSportsBar VR, and Drop Dead. Additionally, Oculus has added an ‘Avatar Editor’ mirror in the Special Items section of the inventory that can be placed anywhere in the Home space.

Fine tuning the platform even further beta language support has been added for Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), and Swedish. Plus, for those who don’t like teleporting new movement options like Walk Mode and Smooth Turning are now available. As Oculus continues to improve its platform, VRFocus will keep you informed.