Insta360 Announces New High-Res VR Playback and Video Transmission

As 360-degree video capture becomes increasingly popular, the range of tools, hardware and software becomes ever more extensive and sophisticated. Virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree camera company Insta360 have now announced new technologies aimed and helping to simplify the VR production workflow for users at all levels.

The tools it has announced include an integrated VR post-production extension for Adobe Premiere Pro, a long-range video transmitter and a new technology for payback of high-quality immersive content on smartphones and VR headsets.

When delving into capturing and editing 360-degree video, it has previously been necessary to learn an entirely new set of software and tools, thus slowing down production significantly. Insta360 have recognised this problem so have produced an extension for Adobe Premiere Pro that lets users stitch 360-degree video captured by Insta360 Pro camera directly in Adobe Premiere Pro.

To save time, during export only the footage that made the final cut is stitched together, reducing processing time and saving system resources.

When filming in 360-degrees, a director and crew usually need to take fairly exotic precautions to avoid appearing in shot, in some cases being forced to hide bhind – or even inside – props. The Insta360 Farsight is a remote video transmitter that lets the Insta360 Pro stream high-res video over long distances.

Insta360 are also introducing a new system called CrystalView that breaks a 360-degree video into many segments and selectively renders the segments of the video the viewer is actually observing in high resolution, while down-grading the other areas, thus allowing for much higher quality playback than would otherwise be possible.

CrystalView will be introduced into the Insta360 Player, the free video playback app which is available on iOS, Android, Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR. Insta360 are making the CrystalView SDK available for developers to use the technology in their own products and media players.

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