ICAROS Secures Seven Figure Investment From Segnalita

ICAROS have been providing a unique training system that combines fitness and virtual reality (VR) since 2016 and has now announced that that the Tyrolean private venture company Segnalita, has invested a sum in the mid-seven figures into the Munich-based company.


The company has a vision to provide the most motivating and health-promoting training experiences possible by leveraging technology to offer unique opportunities to stay fit. Recently ICAROS released their free-to-play VR racing title, ICARACE, that not only features fast races but also required a demanding workout. The title works with the ICAROS human flight system to use gyroscopic design to create the full physical sensation of flight while working key areas of the body.

“The financing from SEGNALITA allows us to tap into new markets and, above all, to advance our research and development work in the health segment”, says ICAROS co-founder and CEO Michael Schmidt.“The user feedback and the results of the initial studies are impressive”, adds cofounder and CEO Johannes Scholl.

ICAROS training systems are already being used in a number of different applications, seeing a strong pick up in the health sector for physiotherapy. The funding from Segnalita will ensure the company is able to develop new applications for the market along with ensuring consumer applications are supported as well. The ICAROS Home system is set to launch later this summer, offering the same benefits as the industry system but within a users own home. Allowing them to use VR to transport to a number of different environments all while working on their health and fitness.


“ICAROS provides completely unique, promising products that brilliantly combine sports, fitness and gaming, which is very much in line with the times.” Adds Bernhard Letzner, managing director of Segnalita: “We are now enabling the company to keep growing within the existing segment and make the products accessible in the medicine sector. We are deeply impressed by this and the expertise of the teams in terms of hardware, software and sales. SEGNALITA has given itself the objective of playing an active part in creating and developing sustainable corporate values. We are therefore pleased to be supporting this experienced start-up team.”

Fans of ICARACE can be sure to look forward to future development for the title following this successful funding along with more focus on movement therapy, sports sciences and biofeedback in the future. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on ICAROS in the future as well so make sure to stay tuned for more.