Horror-Roguelike The Persistence Will Be Playable At E3

The biggest event of the videogaming calendar, E3 2018 is now upon us, bringing with it the customary haul of announcements, demos, reveals and hype. For people who are fortunate enough to have made it to E3 this year, developer Firesprite has some PlayStation VR goodies in store.

Liverpool-based developer Firesprite announced that it was delving into the realm of horror with a new title called The Persistence, which will be heading to the PlayStation VR.

The Persistence screenshot

Horror tends to work effectively in virtual reality (VR), with the immersiveness and immediacy of the medium working to its benefit. The developers have chosen to also adopt some roguelike elements by introducing procedural generation.

The story of The Persistence involves a spaceship far out into deep space which is studying a collapsed star. A disaster occurs, killing most of the crew. The ship’s computer tries to employ the cloning machine on board to resurrect the crew, but the damage suffered by the ship means the majority of the crew are revived as horrific, mutated abominations.

Players take the role of the only non-corrupted crew member, who needs to defeat the corrupted crew and take back control of the ship.

The decks of the ship are procedurally generated, so each run through the videogame will offer some different routes, options, weapons and powerups. Players can use a special weapon called The Harvester to extract DNA from other crew, which can then be used to re-sequence your DNA to unlock new powers and abilities.

The Persistence

A playable demo on the PlayStation VR will be available at E3, though it has not yet been confirmed if this will be presented by Firesprite themselves or will be at the Sony PlayStation area.

PlayStation have announced a number of new PlayStation VR titles over the past few days, including Tetris Effect, Ghost Giant and Beat Saber, with other announcements expected at the PlayStation showcase. VRFocus will be sure to bring you the latest news from E3.