GREE VR Studio to Launch Virtual YouTube Channel Using IKinema Technology

Earlier this year real-time animation specialist IKinema announced the launch of its new motion capture solution Orion. Today, Japanese media broadcaster and games publisher Gree Inc. and its subsidiary Gree VR Studio have announced the implementation of Orion to launch a new virtual YouTube hosting channel.

IKinema Orion 1.0

One of the fastest growing trends in Japan currently is the use of live streamed animated characters which GREE Inc. is looking to take advantage of using IKinema’s Orion and LiveAction technology. This will enable virtual animated ‘idols’ to interact live with online subscribers via GREE’s channel.

“This happens to be an exciting time for IKinema, we’re delighted GREE, Inc. have deployed our real-time technology to forge new and dynamic territories for wider audience appeal and usability,” said IKinema CEO, Alexandre Pechev in a statement. “The VTuber trend is increasing at an astonishing rate, and we’re proud IKinema will expedite its development and growth. IKinema’s ongoing vision to democratise quality motion capture for the masses has been our core message and by partnering the cutting-edge Orion and LiveAction technologies, they have become central tools to shape and evolve the future development of the virtual human.”

Already being used by Tencent IEG NEXT Studio, NASA’s Hybrid Reality Lab and the The VOID in its Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire experience, IKinema’s technology can be used with hardware like the HTC Vive and its controllers to capture head and hand motion. With the addition of Vive Trackers the company is then able to capture hips and feet.

“Orion, together with LiveAction proved to be a solid foundation to build on our virtual YouTuber business,” said GREE VR Studio Manager, Masashi Watanabe. “It served as the key components to make our YouTuber vision come to life. It enabled us to realise time efficiencies as well. The staff from IKinema was also very helpful in supporting us to take advantage of their technology for the project.”

GREE Inc. has yet to reveal when it plans to go live with its new YouTube channel featuring live virtual avatars. When it does VRFocus will keep you updated.