Go Behind The Scenes Of Arca’s Path In New Dev Story Trailer

Upcoming virtual reality (VR) title Arca’s Path from Dream Reality Interactive and Rebellion have released a new ‘Dev Story‘ trailer which offers an insight into the creation and team behind this charming title. The title is about a young girl who finds a mask and is transported to a simulated, fairy tale looking world where players must then guide a ball through each stage in order to progress the story.

The mind behind the idea is Dave Ranyard, CEO, Dream Reality Interactive, who came up with the core idea some time ago before handing it to the team at Dream Reality Interactive to build into a full title. Using a ball-rolling, physics-based platformer as the core gameplay for the title allows for it to be accessible for players and engage their attention onto the world and story which the team hope will create an almost relaxing environment for them.

Set in a beautifully abstract and enchanting world, players will need to lead the young girl through this new worlds. Skill, instinct and awareness will be key to making your way through the rich labyrinth and its dangers. In order to return home and to reality, players must help her tear down the walls of Arca in an engaging story.

VRFocus’ Editor Kevin Joyce previewed Arca’s Path saying: “Arca’s Path VR is by no means a revolutionary experience; a question remains over whether or not the videogame benefits from VR at all. However, it does appear to have the potential to deliver a satisfying platform experience which the player can take at their own pace: the antithesis of those wave shooters, and for that alone it’s a title worth watching.”

If you want to try Acra’s Path for yourself, you will be able to play it along with a number of other VR titles such as The Persistence and Football Nation VR at the upcoming Post E3 #XR Review event taking place in London on 20th June. There will be a number of playable titles, speaker sessions and a panel discussing all the latest XR news lead by VRFocus’ own Kevin Joyce and Nina Salomons. You can find more details on the event here and can book tickets on the Realities Centre Eventbrite Page.

Arca’s Path will be releasing later this year for PlayStation VR, Steam VR, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, and Samsung Gear VR. For all the latest on the title and to stay up to date on all things VR, keep reading VRFocus. You can see the video below.