From Software Reveal New PlayStation VR Title

E3 2018 has not officially even started yet, and still plenty of new information, trailers, teasers and announcements have already emerged. During Sony’s PlayStation presentation, developer From Software displayed a new PlayStation VR title called Déraciné.

The teaser trailer showed some strange, Victoriana-inspired visuals, with talk of fairies and a hidden land.

The opening shot showed an image of a painting which displayed images of woodland creatures such as a fox, a squirrel and even a snake gathered around a mysterious, faintly glowing bundle. ‘Aren’t you excited?’ asks an English accented, motherly sort of voice, ‘You’re going to be a fairy! And live in the world where time stands still.’.

The rest of the trailer shows a 19th Century-styled house in sepia tones, with a young girl with blond hair and a black cat before a dried flower glows with power and suddenly blooms, transforming into colour as it does so.

Very little was revealed about the gameplay or any details about the characters and story, leaving only a mysterious and artistic impression.

From Software are best known for the unforgiving action RPGs in the Souls series, Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls and Bloodborne as well as Armored Core, going further back. The commentators during the PlayStation presentation that such an artistic and strange title as Déraciné is a radical departure for the studio. Desacine is also the first time that From Software will be working in virtual reality (VR).

Also due to head to PlayStation VR in future months is Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot from Bethesda, which sees the famous Nazi-bashing series head to VR for the first time. Fast-paced action rhythm title Beat Saber is also heading to PlayStation VR, and evergreen puzzle title Tetris is getting a VR incarnation with Tetris Effect from the developers behind Rez Infinite.

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