eFlex Systems Partners With Light Guide Systems To Bring AR Capabilities To Their Product Solution

Leading provider of assembly solutions, eFlex Systems, has announced it is partnering with Light Guide Systems to add augmented reality (AR) features into their web-based, assembly software – Job Element Monitor (JEM), a work instruction module.

eFlex Systems

eFlex systems designs and implements advanced technology and world-class digital solutions for the manufacturing and information technology markets. Offering their products to a global market, the company’s reputation as a leading provider continues to attract new customers and business, all while allow them to preserve their current relationships with existing clients.

Light Guide Systems are a leader in the next wave of manufacturing technology, using AR as a means to drive their solutions and products forward. Light Guide Systems reduces errors and radically improves manufacturing and assembly processed by projecting a digital operating canvas directly onto virtually any work surface. This proves audio and visual prompts, guidance, pacing, and direction which has proven to be of huge benefit to users.

“Today’s technologies are having a dramatic impact on traditional manufacturing processes.” Paul Ryznar, founder, CEO and president of OPS Solutions, maker of Light Guide Systems, said: “By utilizing powerful AR technology in new ways, we are able to place the right information in the right place at the right time, which has an incredible impact on manufacturing operations, quality, efficiency, training, and inspection. When Light Guide is combined with eFlex Assembly framework, it exponentially accelerates the value for both products.”

light guide systemsThe new partnership will see a number of advances in the product offerings of both parties, leveraging AR technology to bring new productively to customers around the world.

“Many of our manufacturing software modules have focused on lean manufacturing utilizing technology. While our JEM module provides detailed task and model-based work instructions, we understand the additional benefits that augmented reality brings. From this, eFlex and Light Guide Systems have partnered to add this to the eFlex Assembly framework.” George Jewell, VP at eFlex Ststems added.

As the two companies start to work together to provide new and existing solutions for a wider customer base, bring AR features to their web-based solution, VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest from both companies. Make sure to keep reading for those updates, as they happen.