Develop: Brighton Announces The Finalists For Their Eighth Indie Showcase

The upcoming leading game developers conference in Europe, Develop:Brighton, have announced the shortlisted games to be on display during the event as part of the eighth Indie Showcase. The Indie Showcase is designed to highlight independently-developed games selected by a panel of industry experts who judge the titles. The panel look at elements such as graphics, gameplay, technology achievement and originality.

Develop Brighton

The three-day conference will be taking place from 10th July to the 12th July, 2018 and attendees will be able to come and see the Indie Showcase and experience the shortlisted titles for themselves. In the past titles that have been shortlisted have included popular and acclaimed titles such as That Dragon Cancer and Action Henk. Alistair Aitcheson, chairman of the selection panel commented saying: “The standard of submissions for this year’s Indie Showcase has been exceptionally high, 2018 is my first year as chair of the selection panel and with nearly 100 games submitted this year, helping select the finalists has been inspiring and an honour.”

The shortlisted titles for the Indie Showcase 2018, in no particular order, included Growbot by Wabisabi Play, This Dead Winter by Kindred Games, Supermarket Shriek  from Billy Goat Entertainment, What the Gofl? by Triband, Tanglewood from Big Evil Corporation, 3030 Deathwar Redux: A Space Odyssey from Bird in the Sky, NeuroSlicers by Dream Harvest, HyperBrawl Tournament from Milky Tea Studios, Skybolt Zack from developers Devs Must Die, and finally Fugl from Kotori Studios which is the only shortlisted virtual reality (VR) titles.


Managing director of Tandem Events, Andy Lane, added, “It’s been eight years since we launched the Indie Showcase, and the creativity displayed by all the indie developers that submit increases year on year. Everyone involved is excited to see the industry reaction and I urge everyone to check out the shortlist on the expo floor.”

In other news, Develop:Brighton also revealed recently that their opening keynote will be delivered by PlayStation Legend Shuhei Yoshida along with industry icons such as Chet Faliszek attending as a keynote speaker. The event will be hosting over 100 sessions with over 120 speakers and nearly 1,000 companies attending. Running from 10th July to the 12th July, 2018, tickets are available to purchase now.

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