Co-op Heist Title Covert Revealed for Oculus Go

It been a while since indie developer White Elk Studio announced anything virtual reality (VR) related, with the last project being Eclipse: Edge of Light for Google Daydream. Today, in collaboration with Oculus Studios, the pair have revealed a new co-op experience for Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR, Covert.


Sounding very much like Black Hat Cooperative’s style of gameplay, Covert features asymmetrical gameplay that lets two players work together to pull off a high-profile heist, whether they’re inside or outside of VR. This works by the VR player having to pull off the heist while their mate acts as the a hacker accomplice on a mobile device.

The mission is to steal a mysterious artifact from an impenetrable safe inside a heavily fortified museum. Players will need to hack past the security systems, use high-frequency glass breakers, ziplines, and more James Bond style equipment to gain their way into the vault and secure the score.

Obviously this involves plenty of team work, so the non-VR player will feed their mate important details on the surrounding area, including notes on museum blueprints and crucial warnings about guard locations, laser movements, and the safe’s internal mechanics.


Take care to not get distracted by the museum’s other exhibits, with fully recreated dinosaur bones and other exhibits to admire whilst trying to steal another.

Covert is another title that Oculus will be using to showcase the social aspects of VR and Oculus Go, with friends able to take turns on completing the heist, or even used as a great way to introduce others to the wonders of VR gameplay. One of the best (and earliest) titles to do this – and one VRFocus highly recommends – is Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, originally launched back in 2015 for Gear VR.

No specific release date has been given just yet for Covert, with Oculus confirming a launch later this year for Oculus Go and Gear VR. When that happens VRFocus will let you know.