Check Out Thrustmaster’s Latest Flight Simulator Rig

For players of titles such as Elite: Dangerous or virtual reality (VR) flight simulators like Flight Simulator X, one of the most satisfying things is to set up a proper cockpit rig, complete with flight stick and rudder pedals for a truly immersive experience. Thrustmaster is attempting to bring flight games up to the next level with its new accessories, which the company is displaying at E3 2018.

Thrustmaster says its new introductions are the result of extensive research and collaborations with a number of global partners, including the US military. Attendees at E3 2018 will be able to admire a new rudder system, audio headset and flight stick.

Thrustmaster TPR Rudders - E3 2018

The TPR Rudder system is based directly on systems found in aircraft fuselage, adapted for videogaming use. The rudder pedal system weights in at 15 pounds of steel and aluminium and uses Thrustmaster’s proprietary PENDUL_R technology along with HEART magnetic readings to provide increased precision and fluidity on all three axes.

Also available to view at E3 2018 is the T.Flight U.S. Air Force Edition headset. The company say that this headset is inspired by specification requested from professional pilots in the military and commercial areas and offers balanced bass, mid-range and treble. The ear cushions are constructed of memory foam to better isolate from external noise and remain comfortable for hours of play. For communicating with other pilots, a unidirectional microphone is integrated into the headset.

The HOTAS Flight Stick add-on is also available to view, a flight stick which is based on the flight stick design of an F-18A military jet. Less information about this new accessory is available, but Thrustmaster say it is due for launch in Q3 or Q4 of 2018.

The TPR Rudder system is planned to retail for $499 (USD), though a price for the other devices is yet to be confirmed. Images of the devices are available to view below.

Thrustmater’s booth can be found during E3 in the South Hall at booth #2811. Further news on Thrustmaster’s upcoming products will be covered here on VRFocus.