Bioshock, Spider-Man and Resident Evil 2 Tipped for PlayStation VR Reveals at E3 2018

As E3 looms ever closer, the pace of rumours and leaks increases, with many suggestions and pie-in-the-sky dreaming about what the show will reveal to eager videogame fans. One leaked document from the upcoming show suggests that there are a few surprises in store for PlayStation VR fans.

A document alleged to be part of the official E3 2018 schedule for the PlayStation presentation purports to show several PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR titles that will be shown during the event, some of which have drawn surprise from commentators.

Thee document is marked ‘Internal Use Only’ along with the E3 2018 logo and the PlayStation symbol, and shows a list of videogames that will see Trailers or demos during the Sony presentation. Some of these have been widely expected, while others are a bit more from left-field.

For PlayStation VR fans, there are some big reveals if the document is to be believed, with the following titles all listed as having a ‘PlayStation VR Mode’:

  • PlayStation Party
  • Spider-Man
  • Resident Evil 2 Remake
  • Bioshock Resurgence

PlayStation Party is likely to be a virtual reality (VR) social or party game, perhaps a sequel to PlayStation VR Worlds. The Resident Evil 2 Remake had been rumoured for a while, and there was even a fan project to bring the title into VR. Bioshock Resurgence suggests that not only is another Bioshock title on the way, but also that it will be in VR, a development that is sure to excite fans of the series.

Spider-Man most likely refers to the upcoming title by Insomniac Games, who have worked on other VR titles in the past, and who recently teased that they were working on an ‘open-world VR title’. Of course, the web-slinger himself was previously the star of a short VR experience to advertise Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Sony have not confirmed any of the list as of yet, so at present the leaked list can only be considered a rumour. VRFocus will be sure to bring you the latest updates on this story once they become available