Animal Force To Deploy Onto The PlayStation Store For The U.S. Next Month

PlayStation VR owners might well recall videogame publisher Oasis Games. The Chinese company, formed in 2011, is one of several of the more prolific publishers of virtual reality (VR) videogames. Including puzzle adventure title Light Tracer, escape room horror Dying: Reborn and colourful pixel-stylised shoot-em-up Pixel Gear. The latter of which was the recipient of a physical edition earlier this year thanks to the team at Limited Run.

Animal Force screenshot1Oasis Games are back with another title, once again for the PlayStation VR. In party videogame Animal Force players take control of the last line of defence on an alternate universe Earth that has been hard pressed by an assault from a mysterious alien race. It just so happens that this line of defence happens to be “a ragtag team of animals with superpowers on a rocket”. Choosing from eleven animals, players must help defend the planet through the title’s story mode. Utilising the roster of heroes’ different character traits in minigames Tower Defense, Steal The Statue, Odd One Out, or – and yes, you are reading this one properly – Divide & Conga.

Animal Force has actually been in the news previously, initially announced back in March and announced, at least in Europe, in May. Now however the title will be making a slightly later appearance on the U.S. market with Oasis Games as publisher there.

“Many of us had a fascination with the animal kingdom as children, giving them personalities and wondering how much like us they were,” explained Daniel Lin, Oasis Games’ Senior Marketing Director. “With Animal Force we hope our players of all ages will channel their animal spirit and join their friends, humans and animals alike, in this zany VR adventure.”

You can see the ‘reveal trailer’ which is different to the previous ‘announcement trailer’ in Europe below. Animal Force is set to come out onto the American PlayStation Store at an unspecified date next month. VRFocus will bring you more news in on the title as we get it.